Epic infographic visualizes all the murders from seasons 1-6 of Game of Thrones

A lot of people die on Game of Thrones. You don’t need me to tell you that. But exactly how many, and who killed them, and how, and can we have all of that information in graph form? Game of Thrones fan Luuk Van Hoomissen is here with the assist. He scoured wikis and clips to gather data on all the named characters who have died, the means of their death, what faction they belonged to, and much more. Then he compiled it all into an epic infographic for his capstone project. Behold: the Visualization of Murders in Game of Thrones (click to blow it up):

Some notable takeaways:

  • Note that this infographic only deals with named characters, so the masses of random soldiers felled during battles aren’t represented. Even so, that is a lot of dead people.
  • Jon Snow is the most lethal individual characters, but the Lannisters are collectively responsible for more deaths than any other faction.
  • Working within this grisly data set, Van Hoomissen tries to determine “the most central character in Game of Thrones” according to both degree (how many characters someone has killed) and betweenness (how important they are in their particular death network). According to the first measure, Jon Snow is the most central character. According to the second, it’s Ramsay Bolton.
  • Of the 215 named characters who have appeared on the show, 137 are now dead.
  • People die in a lot of different ways on this show. Stabbing is the most common, followed by beheading.

How will this data change in season 7? With the dragons on their way west, we suspect that the “burned alive” category will be more popular.

h/t Reddit

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