Every Game of Thrones Spoiler We Know for Season 7

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Arya reunites with Nymeria

By the end of season 6, pretty much everyone had settled into groups — characters were generally on Team Dany, Team Jon, or Team Cersei…with a couple of notable exceptions.

At the moment, Arya Stark is a lone wolf. She may have returned to Westeros ahead of Dany’s ship, but she’s currently working independently of the three major factions. Perhaps because of that, actress Maisie Williams has filmed a lot of material on her lonesome, shooting stuff long after it seemed like everyone else had finished and even crossing the pond to film in Canada.

Game of Thrones has filmed in Canada before — it’s where it shoots scenes with the wolf actors that play the direwolves. But it’s very rare for them to fly an actor over there.

The direwolves are returning for season 7, too. Instinct Animals for Film, the company that supplies the show with its direwolf actors, posted a picture of Quigley — the wolf who plays Jon’s direwolf Ghost — to its Instagram account and tagged it “Ready to work.” It also posted a picture of a wolf that resembled Nymeria, Arya’s direwolf from season 1. Again, it was tagged “Ready to work,” and included the hashtag #winteriscoming.

Then, after that news broke, Instinct for Animals locked its Instagram account. How very odd.

The last time we saw Nymeria, Arya was chasing her off in the second episode of the show — had she stuck around, Cersei would have killed her for attacking Joffrey. The implication here is that the two will reunite.

In the books, Nymeria has her own wolfpack by this point — the largest ever seen in living memory — and is roaming the Riverlands. Will that part make it into the show?

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