HBO releases the official poster for Game of Thrones season 7

In case you didn’t know, winter is coming, and with it, the White Walkers and their undead minions. HBO has put that fact at the center of its official key art for season 7. Check it out:

Like previous promos, this one prominently features the Night King’s eye. HBO also released a spooky animated version:

This is a good deal more sinister than the first season 7 poster HBO released, which was just a just a mashup of fire and ice:

And there’s a little more to the animated version of the poster than first meets the eye (pun unintended but wonderful): look closely in the beginning, and you’ll notice that the Night King has his eye on someone in particular:

Hey, Jon Snow. The Night King would like a word with you.

This might not be the trailer we’ve been hoping for, but it does further build the hype for season 7, which premieres in just under two months!

It looks like HBO is opening the floodgates in regard to marketing for the new season — in addition to this promo, we’ve also got new photos and exciting interviews with the cast. What do you guys make of it?