Artist hand-draws every major death on Game of Thrones, and more esoterica

Welcome, my Lords and Ladies, to another magical trip through the very best of Game of Thrones-related humor. Buckle up and try to keep your arms and legs in at all times, as this ride of hilarity ain’t making no stops for potty breaks.

First up, we have what I can honestly say is one of the coolest Game of Thrones fan videos I’ve ever seen: a flipbook featuring every major death of the show drawn by hand. And animated, too, kind of. Check it out:

Jon Snow’s death and resurrection was probably the best part, followed by all the “nopes” with Shireen Baratheon, and Tommen Baratheon’s leap off the balcony into the brick below.

Also, “20 Good Men Later.”

Also, we would like to introduce you to Ras Kass, an emcee who made a name for himself in the ’90s. Mr. Kass recapped season 6 using the power of rap. Turn up your speakers, crank up the bass, and enjoy.

Home to Winterfell, props to little bear. Yeah, so now it’s Battle of the Bastards. Ramsay demanded Sansa back, Bolton army massive. He committed patricide, fratricide, homicide, shot Rickon through the spine, Jon like ‘Ima ride.’ Charged out solo, almost got stampeded, Ramsay almost succeeded. Military strategic wildlings and the North almost defeated. In the heap of dead bodies, Littlefinger’s calvary arrived when you need it. The last giant dies bashing in the gate. Jon ducked crossbows from Ramsay then he bashed in his face. A Week later he in a dungeon talking all rude, til Sansa made him dog food.

I don’t know about you, but I now have a new favorite song. Bring on the season 7 recap.

h/t The A.V. Club

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