HBO kicks off its #PrepareForWinter campaign with season 1 trivia questions


The premiere of Game of Thrones season 7 is alarmingly near — only 40 days away! HBO is drumming up hype with its #PrepareForWinter campaign. “Winter comes July 16,” it says, delighting in paradox, on its Making Game of Thrones website. “Get ready by playing along with the #PrepareforWinter trivia game.” Will do.

Basically, HBO wants fans to rewatch Game of Thrones season 1 this week. To encourage them, it’s posted a number of season 1-themed trivia questions.

"1. What stories does Old Nan (wrongly) claim to be young Bran Stark’s favorites?2. While playing a drinking game, who does Tyrion Lannister learn has been beyond the Wall?3. According to Jaime Lannister, how many men watched the Mad King burn Rickard and Brandon Stark to death?4. When Robb Stark is declared King in the North by his men, how many bend a knee before Theon does?5. Who is the first Stark to say “White Walker”?"

How many do you know? Share your answers using the #PrepareForWinter hashtag on Facebook and Twitter and you could earn “recognition in the realm,” according to HBO. I’m still not sure what it means, but I’ll take it.

HBO will be posting new trivia questions every Monday, each of them based around a different season. And by the end of it, we’ll be watching the premiere of season 7! I can’t think of a better reward than that.