Yet more new images from Game of Thrones season 7—Sam, Bran, Daenerys and others


Game of Thrones season 7 is rocketing towards us, and it seems like every day brings something new — an image here, a trailer there, etc. Today, Daily News and Analysis posted a bunch of new images from the upcoming episodes, including the one above of Sam, his arms laden with books. We can only assume he’s in heaven at the Citadel.

Gilly, too, is trying her hand at the literate life.

There are a few striking new shots of Daenerys Targaryen, including this one of her strutting down the beach at Dragonstone, her entourage in the distance behind her.

We’ve now seen several angles of this moment, where Daenerys takes a moment to touch the sands of her homeland after arriving in Westeros. But in this particular shot, all I can think is that she just pulled off a superhero landing.

Once inside Dragonstone, the strutting continues. I feel like this sequence is going to look good slowed down and overlaid with some epic music. Everybody loves a slow walk.

In the North, we get another look at Beric Dondarrion as he leaders the Brotherhood Without Banners into uncharted territory.

And further north (maybe — I dunno where exactly Beric is in that picture), Jon Snow holds court in Winterfell’s Great Hall alongside Sansa and Davos. You can see Brienne, Maester Wolkan, Lyanna Mormont, Robett Glover and Alys Karstark in the audience.

And finally there’s Bran, looking as miserable as a paraplegic who accidentally doomed his super-strong companion and has to be dragged miles through the snow by what is sure to be a justifiably irritated potential girlfriend.

Also, he’s looking up. Have he and Meera reached the Wall?

For more images, including looks at Jaime, Tormund, and Lyanna Mormont, head to Daily News and Analysis.