#PrepareForWinter: HBO posts trivia questions for Game of Thrones season 2

HBO’s Making Game of Thrones blog is preparing fans for season 7 with the #PrepareForWinter campaign. Each week, HBO is encouraging fans to rewatch a season of the show. This week is season 2’s time to shine, and the network has posted a series of season 2-themed trivia questions. Which ones do you know?

1. When Sam, Grenn and Edd are digging beyond the Wall, whose shovel hits the marker concealing a stash of dragonglass?

2. What is the first thing Ygritte says to Jon Snow?

3. During the attack on Blackwater Bay, what is Sansa holding when the Hound startles her in her chamber?

4. While speaking with young Bran about magical forces, Maester Luwin mentions three types of creatures; what are they?

5. Daenerys has a snowy vision while visiting the House of the Undying. When she comes across her departed husband and child, what are the first words Drogo says to her?

And because HBO loves us, there’s a special bonus question:

6. After being unable to name the ruling house of Maidenpool, Arya tells Tywin she’s from what Northern town?

6a. And who is their ruling house?

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Once you have your answers, take them to Facebook or Twitter and share them using the hashtag #PrepareForWinter. According to the Making Game of Thrones blog, “correct responses will prove you eligible for recognition in the realm.” Whatever that means.

You can stream season 2 of Game of Thrones on HBO NOW.

Oh, and before we forget, the official Game of Thrones YouTube page recently uploaded a clip from the season 6 finale: winter is here, everybody.

Season 7 is just five weeks away.