HBO’s #PrepareForWinter campaign continues with Game Of Thrones season 3 trivia


Less than a month out from Game of Thrones season 7, the HBO hype machine is in full effect. Each week during the lead-up, HBO has been promoting marathons of the show’s first six seasons. This week, it’s season 3’s turn. To that end, the Making Game of Thrones blog has posted a series of trivia questions to test your knowledge of the show’s third batch of episodes. How many do you know?

"1. According to Jon, how many times has a King Beyond the Wall attacked the Seven Kingdoms?2. How many Frey women does Robb ask for forgiveness?3. What are Rickon’s departing words to Bran?4. How many languages does Mance say are spoken in his army?5. When Walder Frey sends a raven to King’s Landing about the Red Wedding, how does he refer to Catelyn and Robb?"

Number two seems especially difficult. A lot?

Last week, HBO gave us a single bonus question, but this week there are three.

"6. How many castles does Orell say were built to guard the Wall?6a. Which three are currently manned?6b. When the Crows patrol the Wall, how many men travel to a group?"

Know the answers? Post them them to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #PrepareForWinter and you could earn “recognition in the realm.” We still don’t know what that means.

If you’re having trouble with the questions, HBO promises to grant anyone who subscribes to its Game of Thrones newsletter Whispers of Westeros a hint. Subscribers also get front row seats to promotional material HBO will send out ahead of season 7.

Game of Thrones season 3 is currently streaming on HBO NOW for those who want to study up. Season 7 debuts July 16.