Biggest surprises and questions from the second trailer for Game of Thrones season 7

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Bran in the Winterfell godswood

Many fans expected Bran would make it back to Winterfell, so while seeing him in the castle’s godswood isn’t really a surprise, it is sure nice to have confirmation that he finds his way home (and finally gets a wheelchair — Meera has to be thankful for that, if she’s still alive).

Bran has been away for a long time, and it’ll probably take him a while to first learn what happened to his family and then to absorb it, all the time preparing for his inevitable confrontation with the Night King.

Where is that conspiracy of Ravens headed?

This is a tough one. In terms of trailer juxtaposition, this shot is right in there with the Night King and Bran doing his greensight-thing, so this may be part of one of Bran’s visions. Alternately, Bran could be possessing these ravens and using them to spy out land north of the Wall. As the Three-Eyed Raven, he does share a name with the birds, after all. Is the Night King looking up because he’s being spied on?

Also, yes, it is appropriate to call a group of ravens a conspiracy. You can also say an “unkindness” of ravens, which seems fitting.

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