HBO shows now available to watch on Hulu


Fans can now watch Game of Thrones in more ways than ever. Today, Hulu revealed that its subscribers can access all movies, TV shows, documentaries, and the rest for an additional $14.99 per month. And with the premiere of Game of Thrones season 7 just around the corner, it didn’t happen a moment too soon.

“By combining HBO’s iconic programming with our world class user experience and deep content offering, Hulu is giving viewers easy and highly personalized access to the very best of television,” said Hulu Senior Vice President Tim Connolly. “With this important new partnership, fans can now watch Game of Thrones live every Sunday, binge watch all six seasons of The Sopranos or catch up on Westworld alongside our live TV, sports, classic TV shows and Hulu originals – all without ever having to leave the Hulu app.”

Note that fans can also get a subscription to HBO Now, HBO’s standalone streaming service, for $14.99, so it’s not like the Hulu deal is going to save viewers a ton of money. But that’s not the point. It seems like HBO is giving fans as many ways to legally watch Game of Thrones before the new season debuts on July 16, possibly as a way to combat the show’s well-documented piracy problem. It’ll be interesting to see if this moves make a dent in piracy numbers once the season gets underway. Until then, the more ways to watch, the better!

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h/t Deadline