Benjen Stark



Benjen Stark is the youngest son of Lord Rickard Stark — his older siblings are Ned, Brandon and Lyanna Stark. He grew up to become the First Ranger of the Night’s Watch, where he learned much about the White Walker menace beyond the Wall.

In season 1, Benjen went away on a ranging mission north of the Wall and never came back. He was assumed dead, and he was, kind of. He was killed by White Walkers, but the Children of the Forest brought him back to life as a sentient wight, one with all his mental faculties intact. In season 6, Benjen saved Bran and Meera from a pack of marauding wights — the bad kind — before spiriting them to the Wall.

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After dropping Bran and Meera off near the Wall, Benjen turned north, assuring them that he would “do what I can for as long as I can” fighting for the living against the dead. As a man technically dead himself, he couldn’t actually pass through the Wall with them, but nobody’s perfect.

Many characters have warned us that there’s trouble brewing beyond the Wall, so having a character like Benjen out there fighting the good fight can only help. If anyone else has to venture beyond the Wall in season 7, expect Benjen to pop up.