Hodor stars in a KFC commercial, and other Game of Thrones funnies


Game of Thrones season 7 might be a week away, but let’s be honest; what you really want is a Disney remake of the season 7 trailer. It’s everything you never knew you wanted.

That was downright magical. We have to thrown down the gauntlet though, and ask, can someone please redo an entire episode with Disney characters? Nudity might be a problem, but everyone is always going on and on about those hidden messages in Disney movies. Make it happen.

Moving along, we have a happy/sad spin on Hodor’s death scene, starring Kristian Nairn as a woeful KFC worker.

Certainly, very funny, but anything that reminds us of poor Hodor’s death will always bring us down just a bit. Good to see Nairn enjoying his post Game of Thrones life, but our first choice for a KFC commercial would have been the Hound. That man loves his chicken. (Also, Iwan Rheon seems like a natural for a sausage commercial.)

Finally,  if the Disney remake of the season 7 trailer did not teach you that Game of Thrones fans are some of the most dedicated and ingenious fans out there, this low budget remake of the trailer most definitely will.

Apparently cardboard can be used for everything swords to dragons, who knew? Despite what the placard reads though, something tells us season 7 is going to be anything but “the lazy season.” For comparison’s sake, here are the low budget remake and the HBO original trailers side by side.

What will Game of Thrones fans dream up next? Season 7 debuts July 16.