Check out a map of all the betrayals on Game of Thrones, and more esoterica


As the season premiere of Game of Thrones season 7 hurtles towards us, we’re getting lots of heavy-hitting news, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy our little bits of esoterica. The interview is coming up with some great stuff, including several infographics and a $25,000 cake modeled after Tyrion Lannister. Have a bite.

Ever had trouble keeping track of all the backstabbing going on in Game of Thrones? Well, PopSugar has a “Map of Betrayals” created by Venngage.

Thicker lines represent more monumental betrayals (the arrow points from the betrayer to recipient of the betrayal). Dotted lines represent implicated betrayals. The larger the image of the character, the more dastardly they are. For example, Cersei Lannister is the largest image and therefore involved in the most skulduggery, her greatest betrayals being those of Robert Baratheon and her unfortunate son, Tommen.

Robb Stark appears to be the biggest victim of the bunch, mainly thanks to the number of scumbags involved in his assassination at the Red Wedding. It’s interesting to see how Varys is implicated (dotted lines) in many betrayals, but it’s difficult to prove anything against him.

Let’s turn to Reddit, where a spirited discussion has sprouted over how much it might cost Daenerys Targaryen to haul her entire army and armada across the Narrow Sea. Invasions ain’t cheap, after all. 1st Move International proposes a total cost equivalent of $226,129,561.51 U.S. dollars. Yeah, that’s right– 226 million dollars plus change.

"[TV] How much would it cost for Daenerys Targaryen to ship her army to Westeros? from gameofthrones"

Moving to Westeros from Essos is expensive. Shipping the Dothraki horses alone costs almost 11 million dollars. And the Royal Council (*cough* Tyrion *cough*) requires its luxuries and fine wines — along with 12 armed escort vessels. That all adds up to another 2.5 mil.

Where does Daenerys get all of this money? Those slave masters must be well and truly plundered.

Let’s keep the visual aids rolling. Game of Thrones, like many fantasy stories, has its share of famous and fantastical swords. Reddittor Swell-Fellow made a very detailed infographic all about them. Behold:

"[EVERYTHING] Swords of Westeros from gameofthrones"

The sword guide comes courtesy of

In confectionary news, a Dubai bakery has decided to celebrate the advent of season 7 with a magnificent cake version of Tyrion Lannister (complete with wine goblet) perched atop the Iron Throne. Want one? It’s all yours — for $25,000.

Yup, fork out the cash and Broadway Bakery Dubai will whip you up one of these GoT pastry masterpieces made of sugar fondant and paste. You do get a lot of cake for your money: the finished item is almost four feet tall, weighs 70 pounds and serves over 100 people. And you can select a variety of flavors.

Watch how the cake is made by a team of master Broadway Bakery Dubai pastry chefs:

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to prep for season 7, this 12-minute recap of the entire series from GamesRadar could cure what ails you.

Game of Thrones season 7 debuts July 16. Clearly, people want it back.