Samwell Tarly



Sam grew up as the wealthy heir of House Tarly. Bookish and shy, he didn’t measure up to his father’s expectations and was banished to the Wall, where he quickly befriended Jon Snow, another outcast. In the years that followed, he traveled beyond the Wall, killed a White Walker, started a romance with a wildling named Gilly, and finally left Castle Black to fulfill his destiny and become a maester.

On his way to Oldtown, Sam stopped by Horn Hill, his family home, and encountered his father again. At first, Sam shrunk under Randyll’s disapproval, but his time with Gilly had taught him his own worth, and it wasn’t long before he swiped House Tarly’s Valyrian steel sword — Heartsbane — before continuing on his journey. Last we saw him, he was at the Citadel and ready to begin his training as a maester.

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Naturally curious and very intelligent, Sam should thrive as a maester-in-training. However, he’s only becoming a maester so he can return to the Wall and help the Night’s Watch defend the Seven Kingdoms from what lies beyond. We’ll see what, if anything, his studies yield.