Sansa Stark



First, Sansa Stark was born. And that went pretty well for a while. Then she accompanied her father and sister to Kings Landing so she could marry this dreamboat prince she liked, and everything after that has been a non-step roller coaster of madness and despair.

First, the dreamboat prince ended up being a bratty little sociopath who killed her father, threatened her with rape, and made everyone who attended his wedding feel really uncomfortable when he died at the reception. Her mom’s weird friend Petyr smuggled her out of that situation and brought her to the Vale, where her crazy Aunt Lysa accused her of trying to steal her man and almost tossed her out a five thousand-foot skylight before Petyr intervened and killed her. And THEN, Petyr married Sansa off to Ramsay Bolton of the Dreadfort in hopes of solidifying his hold on the northern parts of Westeros. But Ramsay was an even bigger psycho than the prince, so she got the hell out of dodge, ran like the devil, and encountered Brienne of Tarth, who offered to protect her. Okay, Sansa thought. Clearly something needs to change.

Freaking fed up to here and back with being pushed around, Sansa made her way to Castle Black, met up with her half-brother/secret cousin Jon Snow, and resolved to kick the Boltons out of Winterfell, her family home. One bloody battle later, it came to pass, although she had to call in her mom’s weird friend Petyr and his army to help.

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Although Sansa is more secure than she has been in in a very long time, she’s not entirely comfortable. Years of being trampled underfoot have taught her that the only way to feel completely safe is to have complete control, so she was a little miffed when the Northern Lords made Jon their new King even though he charged right into Ramsay’s trap after she told him not to and when she was the one who brought Littlefinger’s Knights of the Vale in to win the fight. Is there going to be tension between Jon and Sansa going forward? It’s a distinct possibility, and one we can bet that Littlefinger will exploit.