New pics and clips from Game of Thrones season 7 reveal surprise meetings!


Two days…just two mere days until the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, and the hype levels have never been higher. To help it along, FarFarAwaySite has posted several new high-quality photos from the season. Let’s start with one from Episode 1, “Dragonstone.”

Below, we have Daenerys and Tyrion walking and talking in the dirty throne room. Didn’t Stannis have a maid service?

Moving on to Episode 2, “Stormborn,” we’ve got Jon and Littlefinger in the Winterfell crypts.

We know this meeting doesn’t go well for Littefinger, as Jon ends up choke-slamming him into a wall, as we saw in the season 7 trailer.

Here’s another angle of Jon, looking at the statue of Lyanna Stark, his mother. Does Bran make it to Winterfell by Episode 2 and tell Jon about his real mother? Is that why he’s down here, or is he just paying his respects to his “aunt?”

UPDATE: @Eca_jt pointed out to us that Jon is most likely actually down here visiting Ned’s statue, which is next to Lyanna’s. We stand corrected.

And now, we have Littlefinger outside the crypt in the Winterfell courtyard.

Another shot of the same scene. He does not look very happy. But then again, he rarely does.

And now for Episode 3, “The Queen’s Justice.” First up, we have Grey Worm, looking comfortable in sleeves. Where is he? We have ideas.

Notice that Grey Worm is wearing the the same dragon Ouroboros broach as Missandei from a different photo.

Finally, we have a cleaned and polished Dragontstone throne room. Dany can’t dispense justice in a pig sty.

Next up, the folks at E-Cartelera published an interesting video about the process of dubbing Game of Thrones season 7 into a foreign language. But beware: the video contains some SPOILERS. You can watch the full, 16-minute video over on E-Cartelera, and we pull out the spiciest bit below.

Okay. So at one point in the video, we see a surprise meeting between characters. Skip to the 0:06 mark in the video below:

If you paid close attention, you might have seen a certain bald character walking up beside Melisandre as she looked down on the sea wall of Dragonstone. We saw her part of this scene in one of the trailers, but didn’t see who sidles up behind her. It looks like Varys, the Spider.

The idea of Varys and Melisandre coming together is very interesting. Varys isn’t a fan of magic and the like, and got confrontational with the Red Priestess Kinvara in season 7. Perhaps he finds Melisandre, who’s been going through a bout of self-doubt for a while, easier to handle.

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