Screenshot breakdown: Trailer for “Stormborn” and “The Queen’s Justice”

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The San Diego Comic-Con is currently in full swing, and HBO has sent the already-overstimulated Game of Thrones fandom into a tizzy by releasing a new trailer for “Stormborn” and “The Queen’s Justice,” the second and third episodes of season 7. Haven’t watched it? Behold:

A lot of that footage is from trailers we’ve already seen, but a lot of it isn’t. Let’s walk through the new stuff and mine it for insights, angles, and — potentially — SPOILERS. Let the wary beware.

First up, we have shots of Daenerys Targaryen, her dragons, and some of her Dothraki soldiers stomping around their new base of operations on Dragonstone.

“I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will,” she says. Tough talk, but Cersei and her allies — including Jaime, Qyburn, and the Mountain below — won’t make it easy on her.

“The Mad King’s daughter will destroy the realm,” she says to an assembled group of lords. “We must stand together if we hope to stop her.”

One of those lords is Randyll Tarly (James Faulkner), Sam’s horrible, horrible dad. Of course he and Cersei would team up.

And now, shots of the Lannister army arrayed in all its glory. Bring it on, Daenerys.

Up north, Jon is making good on his promise to train everyone, even the kiddies, in preparation for the White Walker invasion.

It doesn’t look like their archery skills are quite up to par yet, though. This is some Bran-level technique — if only Arya were here to show them how it’s done.

“We can’t defeat the Night King’s army on our own,” Jon tells the assembled Northern lords. “Daenerys has dragonfire.”

So, as expected, Jon has intuited that a trio of flame-breathing dragons might be helpful in the battle against marauding ice zombies. But can he convince his constituency?

“The Targaryen cannot be trusted,” says Lord Yohn Royce. Dissension in the ranks, thinks Littlefinger, who’s slinking around in the corner. Yeessssssssssss.

Then we hear part of Davos’ speech from one of the earlier trailers. “If we don’t band together, we will die.” It sounds like he may be addressing the Northern lords — and possibly Sansa — rather than any southron folk.

Then there are shots of Daenerys and Cersei on their thrones, so perhaps they’re included in the “we” that Davos was talking about.

“Winter is here, you grace,” intones Lyanna Mormont. Thanks, Lyanna. We’d forgotten.

Next up, we get into more SPOILER-y territory.

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