Video: Another important character bites the dust


If it didn’t before, it well and truly feels like Game of Thrones is back. How do we know? Because another beloved character is dead. Watch the video below.

This death came near the end of the episode, after Jaime Lannister, with the help of the traitor Randyll Tarly, stormed Highgarden, the ancestral home of House Tyrell. There, he found Olenna Tyrell, the grand high dame of sass, tactician extraordinaire, king-killer, and best damn grandma on the planet. Olenna knew she was defeated, and opted for a quick death via poison.

Of course, the Queen of Thorns couldn’t go down without breaking off a barb or two in Jaime’s ass first. Before closing her eyes for good, she revealed to Jaime that it had been she who poisoned his son Joffrey back in season 4, and warned him that Cersei would be the death of him, which has to hit close to home, considering what she’s been up to lately.

And so we goodbye to Olenna Tyrell, one of the show’s most memorable characters. She’s throwing shade with the angels, now.

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