Game of Thrones Screencap Breakdown: “The Spoils of War” Trailer

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Things really heated up in “The Queen’s Justice,” the latest episode of Game of Thrones season 7. Now let’s take a look at what might await us in the upcoming fourth episode, “The Spoils of War.” Watch the trailer below.

The “Spoils” trailer clocks in at 32 seconds, a bit longer than the ones we’ve gotten thus far. (There were 14 seconds for “Stormborn” and 26 for “The Queen’s Justice.”) It sports 21 individual shots in all.

What clues can we find in the trailer? Let’s dive in and look at it shot by shot.

We start with Cersei Lannister leading Iron Bank representative Tycho Nestoris into the Red Keep map room.

“My only venture at this moment is re-establishing control over this continent and every person on it,” she says. Cersei has never dreamed small.

These opening shots establish some of the episode’s themes: Cersei’s current military domination, her grand ambition and her alliance with the Iron Bank. Watch how often the usually grim Nestoris is smiling, by the way. War is good for bankers.

A wide shot of the beach at Dragonstone, where Daenerys and her retinue take a stroll while two of Dany’ dragons ride the air currents over Blackwater Bay. But despite the idyllic setting, Daenerys is growing desperate: “All my allies are gone. I’m losing.”

Closeup of Jon Snow, looking sufficiently stoic. Daenerys’ military pickle may be a boon for him — she may be forced to accept him as an ally without making him bend the knee.

Daenerys walks towards Jon Snow, with Tyrion in the background. The distance between the two leaders is closing up.

Next, we have a gorgeous scenic shot of what looks like the wild American west, but is probably Dorne or somewhere in the Reach. Bronn and Jaime Lannister lounge on their horses in the foreground while what looks like a large expedition of Lannister soldiers breaks camp alongside a small lake. (SPOILER-lovers may recognize it.)

Cut to the smiling Nestoris again, reassuring Cersei that “You can count on the Iron Bank, as soon as the gold arrives.” It sounds like Cersei will soon have money to pay her soldiers, another point in her favor.

Cut to: the gold. Jaime opens a carriage door to reveal stacks and stacks of gold ingots and coin bags. Behold the spoils of Highgarden. Lannisters always pay their debts—with other people’s money, apparently.

A dagger is drawn. It looks very familiar. Is that the Valyrian steel dagger that dude tried to murder Bran with back in season 1? If you’ll recall, Summer mauled the guy to death and Catelyn brought it south.

Also, who’s hand is that? Whatever happened to that dagger, anyway?

There’s a smash cut to black and we fade up to Daenerys on the beach again. “Enough with the clever plans,” she says. The gloves are coming off, apparently. That can only mean one thing: dragons.