Video: Jaime risks it all with a big gesture


Tonight on Game of Thrones, the Lannisters fought the Dothraki in a battle for the ages. Check out the highlights below.

The fun got started when the Lannister army was attacked by Daenerys’ Dothraki horde. Jaime and Bronn knew something was amiss when they heard the pounding of horse hooves. Their army formed up, but what came over the horizon was worse than they expected.

Yep, not only did they have to deal with Dothraki, but Daenerys finally brought her children into the game. Drogon wasted no time in absolutely laying waste to every Lannister and Tarly soldier on the battlefield. Bronn, though, was able to get to the scorpion that Qyburn created for just such an occasion, and managed to plug Drogon with a giant bolt.

That brought the dragon to the ground. As Daenerys tried to dig the bolt out of his side, we reached the climatic moment of the episode: Jaime, sensing an opportunity to end the war by killing the Dragon Queen, picked up a spear and charged her head-on.

Thankfully (or tragically, depending on your point of view, Bronn tackled him into a nearby lake before Drogon’s blast of fire hit him. But considering Jaime is wearing heavy armor, he may die anyway.

What an episode! What a cliffhanger! This one should get people buzzing.

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