Video: Two fan favorites fight it out


Characters were on the move in “The Spoils of War,” tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones. We’ve got video of one of the more entertaining moments below.

Tonight, Arya Stark finally returned home to Winterfell after over 60 episodes away. While the reunion with Sansa, the most entertaining moment may have come after she settled in a bit and wandered into the courtyard, where Brienne of Tarth was giving Podrick Payne, her squire, his daily thrashing.

Poor Pod.

Fans will remember that Arya met Brienne before, when the Maid of Tarth bested the Hound in a failed attempt to take Arya into her care. Now that some time has passed, Arya was curious to see how she’d fair against the woman who defeated her mentor/protector/enemy/whatever-those-two-were-to-each-other, so she stepped into the ring. The result was a fun, well-choreographed duel that ended with the both of them out of breath and smiling. They’re a match made in heaven, these two.

Also note Sansa watching with her mouth agape from the ramparts. What kind of ideas are going through her mind, we wonder? If Arya joins Brienne in becoming her sister’s sworn shield, Sansa will pretty much the most badass squad in Westeros.

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