Game of Thrones Episode 705—”Eastwatch”—Preview


We’re almost through with Game of Thrones season 7. Just typing that sends a chill through my heart. But we’re not done yet. Here’s what to expect from “Eastwatch,” the fifth episode of the season.

Like last week, HBO has not released an official synopsis for the episode, because it’s just that super-secret. However, we can get a good idea of what’s going to go down by watching the trailer.

While we expect “Eastwatch” to spread itself all around Westeros, it’ll pick up in the immediate aftermath of the Loot Train Attack, with Daenerys trying to convince the surviving Lannister soldiers to “bend the knee and join me, or refuse and die.” Obviously, Tyrion is having some problems with his hard-line approach. Can he get through to his queen?

Daenerys looks like she’s flexing her muscle all over the place in “Eastwatch.” Back on Dragonstone, she mounts a dragon and has it roar in Jon Snow’s face. “Bet you wish you’d bent the knee now, bitch!” she very likely doesn’t say, but it’s kind of the general vibe we get from that shot. Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Cersei maintains that she can defeat whatever’s coming. It’s fine. She’s fine.

Helen Sloan – HBO

But the most interesting part of the trailer comes at the end, when Bran wargs into a conspiracy of ravens and sends them to spy on the Night King’s army. (Davos, ever helpful, tells us that “bad things are coming.” Thanks, Davos.) Up until now, most of the important events have happened in the south of Westeros, but lest we forget, there’s a giant army of ice zombies knocking on the Wall, and it’s high time someone pay attention to them. The title of the episode refers to Eastwatch By The Sea, a castle on the Wall (and the place where Tormund and the Brotherhood Without Banners were all heading the last time we saw them), so expect the White Walkers story to get more play tomorrow.

Here’s the fact sheet for “Eastwatch”:

  • Start Time: August 13, 2017, 9 p.m. EST
  • TV Info: HBO
  • Episode: Season 7, Episode 5, “Eastwatch”
  • Director: Matt Shakman
  • Run time: 59 minutes
  • Live Stream: Stream 1 – Stream 2

This episode will once again be directed by Matt Shakman, who did such a good job with the action-heavy “The Spoils of War.” Also, after that episode’s lean runtime, we’re back to a healthy 59 minutes. Bring on the content.

Here are the rest of the official images HBO released for this episode:

Macall B. Polay – HBO Helen Sloan – HBO Helen Sloan – HBO Helen Sloan – HBO Helen Sloan – HBO Helen Sloan – HBO

Notable absences include Jaime, for obvious reasons, and everything happening in the North, which is odd considering the title. But that may just mean that shots of the Northern storylines would give too much away.

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We’ll all find out soon enough. Let us know what you’re expecting from “Eastwatch” below!

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