HBO gives fans a closer look at Daenerys’ marvelous coat and other props


HBO has taken to its Making Game of Thrones blog to give us a closer look at the costumes and props used in “Beyond the Wall,” the latest episode of the show. Warm coats and a diverse set of weapons were the gang’s best choices for survival on their mission north. (Although hats were missed.)

Regarding Daenerys’ new winter coat, Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton wanted to keep the shape of the Dany’s other outfits this season, which have mostly come in shades of black.

And if you were wondering, Clapton revealed on Instagram that the coat was of “mostly fake fur” and was especially for the Dragon Queen. “It was just extraordinary,” she said. “We created the fabric in the work room. It’s such a strong look for riding the dragon through the snow.”

We also got more details on Gendry’s Warhammer, who clearly wasn’t shy about hiding his heritage — he put the Baratheon insignia right on his weapon.

Game of Thrones armorer described the making of the weapon, which ended up being used by the Hound. “It’s a good, strong design,” he said. “It has the House Baratheon design sculpted, with the stag sigil on either side.”

HBO also released pictures of the letter Arya found in Littlefinger’s room, so we can see Sansa’s beautiful handwriting for ourselves.

Credit: HBO

There’s even a map of the Far North, in case you’re planning a weekend getaway from the hot summer.

Credit: HBO

Head here to see the full gallery of props and costumes from the episode, which also includes closer looks at Jorah’s dragonglass dagger, Jon Snow’s outfit, and Tormund’s axe.

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