See how the storyboards for this scene in “Beyond the Wall” compare to what’s onscreen


Remember when The Hound was bored and decided to chuck rocks at wights in “Beyond the Wall?” HBO has shared the storyboard for that pivotal scene on its Making Game of Thrones blog.

Because we can’t get more nerdy about it, we decided to compare the storyboard shots versus the actual shots that appeared onscreen. The nine comparisons you see below represent the planning for only 55 seconds of the Frozen Lake scene, the shooting of which took place in two different locations: Iceland and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

As we can see, director Alan Taylor kept very close to the blueprint for that scene.

As a bonus, HBO posted a storyboard of Jon and company looking nervous on that frozen island on its Instagram page:

You can learn more about the making of the Frozen Lake scene in this behind-the-scenes documentary, which was released by HBO shortly after the episode aired:

In other news, check out Alan Ball’s latest Beautiful Death illustration. Ball made this one for “Beyond the Wall.” You can probably guess whose death it concerns:

Part of Dany’s heart is gone. This one is affecting.

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Game of Thrones will wrap up season 7 this Sunday with “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

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