Jodie Whittaker might be more like the fans than you think!

Jodie Whittaker, BBC

The new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, might be more like the fans than you think!

Recently, in an interview, it came out that Jodie Whittaker, while being a fan of the show, didn’t get into being a fan of Doctor Who until the New Series came out in 2005 that Jodie really became a fan!

This is the first Doctor that I can think of that actively watched the New Series as a fan before coming the character. Every Doctor up until Matt Smith was a fan of the older series, but he hadn’t seen an episode of the new series.

Jodie commented on what it was like to come to the show being a fan  of the New Series,

“Even though I’m 35 … my interest sparked with Chris Eccleston and David Tennant,” she said, joking that she “should have pretended I was, like, 19, and said David was mine.”

How many of us feel the same? Basically, Jodie’s saying her first Doctor was Eccleston, and that she possibly had a crush on David Tennant? How often do we have an actor with an experience so much like the rest of the fanbase?

This shows that the New Series is just as important to fans, and with actors coming on later in the years, we’ll see more that started liking the show at the New Series, just like most of us.

“I feel kind of a part of that, as well,” Whittaker added. And rightfully so, as she is set to take her place in Doctor Who history next year.

“You can list these 13 actors,” from the late William Hartnell to the incumbent Peter Capaldi, “and none of us are similar,” the Doctor-to-be said. “Even when it’s been 12 men, it’s not similar.”

The actress has a point. Even after a month since the announcement, people still aren’t accepting of the change of gender. But Whittaker puts it well — none of the actors are the same Doctor. Why should a woman be similar?

No matter what your thoughts on a woman, it looks likes Whittaker is getting more comfortable with the role and the fans. Look at the whole interview here!