Doctor Who Theory: Will an animal be joining the Doctor in season eleven?

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Recently, there’s been a theory going around the Doctor Who fandom, and it’s a pretty interesting one!

Ever since it was announced that Bradley Walsh would be the possible new companion in season eleven of Doctor Who, the theories have gone crazy! Fans have been trying to figure out if there would be more companions besides the Walsh.

And it looks like there will be!

Besides the possible more than one companion, it looks like there’s a rumor going around that has many people interested. The Doctor might be picking up an animal to wander the TARDIS with her as she travels.

Nothing is confirmed, and these are only fan theories, but according to these theories, the Doctor will have a cat in the TARDIS with her. Whether or not it will be a real cat or a robot cat like K-9 is known at this point, especially since these are just whispers.

But let’s say that the rumors are right. What would it be like to have an animal accompany the Doctor in the TARDIS? First of all, it screams the idea that she’s a “cat lady” because she’s not married. (Every Doctor seems to change whether or not they are married to River Song or not)

Can you imagine if someone tries to get the Doctor to explain?

“I’m 2000 years old, and I’m not married! I thought it was time to get a companion that wouldn’t leave!”

It definitely would change the idea of the Doctor, who normally is either on their own or with someone. It softens up the Doctor’s image by a lot by giving her an animal. Maybe that’s what Chibnall wants, to completely change the image of the Doctor?

But I know many people would be hesitant at the change with an animal on board. It would definitely change the atmosphere of the show, and is that really what people want? It would definitely bring a whole new meaning to “picking up strays”!

What does this mean for Chibnall?

It could mean that despite the fact Broadchurch is such a dark show, he could be trying to remake Doctor Who into the children’s show that people grew up with. Would that be a bad thing after Moffat went so far to make a Doctor who was so dark?

What do you think of this fan theory? Do you like the idea of the Doctor having an animal on board?