John Bradley (Sam) discusses the downsides of working on Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is a dream job for any actor, but according to John Bradley (Sam Tarly), it’s not all blue skies and rainbows all of the time. In an interview with Shortlist, Bradley revealed some of the less enjoyable aspects of working on the show, starting with his wardrobe. “There are some really beautiful costumes on Game of Thrones,” he said. “Mine isn’t one of them.”

Bradley described Sam’s cloak as feeling like it’s “fashioned from an Ikea rug” and promised that once the show is over, “I’m going to ceremonially burn that cloak.” Then there are the constantly ripping trousers to deal with. Plus there was that time the producers pranked him into dressing up a jester, although at least he didn’t have to wear that one on the show.

There can also be the harsh locations to deal with. Setting aside Sam’s stint at the Citadel, he spent most of his time toiling as a Brother of the Night’s Watch in the North, and that means snow. “[A]ny bit of the show where the landscape looks inhospitable, there’s been a good chance I’ll be popping up.”

"I remember huddling with Kit Harington and a couple of other actors in Belfast in season 1, swearing I couldn’t think of anywhere I could go where I’d be colder or more exposed to the elements. A few days later, an email with ‘ICELAND’ at the top popped into my inbox and I realised I’d spoken too soon."

Finally, there are the difficulties of keeping show secrets, and the nagging feeling that knowing everything about what’s going on disqualifies him and other cast members from experiencing the show as fans:

"The way people talk about the show, it always makes me feel like I’ve missed out. I love those big TV moments, those parts of Breaking Bad and The Wire that leave you speechless. Anyone who’s been involved in the show missed out on that experience."

We can certainly see his point there: most of the big moments are likely spoiled for Bradley the moment he receives his scripts. It must be what Bran Stark feels like everyday.

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