Emilia Clarke on eight years of Daenerys’ wig, and John Bradley edits Sam’s Wikipedia page


In addition to being an internationally recognized TV star, Emilia Clarke is also a sought-after fashion person, what with her hip threads and boundless style and what-not. Not long ago, she headlined an ad campaign for Dolce & Gabbana — the resulting commercial involves her stomping around Naples while eating spaghetti and dancing in the streets and other things that are Italian.

Clarke sounded off about that experience to Vogue Paris. In the process, she dropped a few comments about Game of Thrones, too. For example, here’s what she said when asked to relay a “striking beauty anecdote” from her career?

"Wearing the blonde platinum wig from Daenerys the very first time is a truly memorable memory. Eight years later, I’m still so excited to have it."

That’s interesting to hear her say that now, since we know that she took the plunge and dyed her hair Daenerys Targaryen-blonde for the final season. Will she even need the wig anymore? She’ll surely need extensions (and lots of them) at the least.

On the subject of how she keeps herself fit enough to ride dragons all day long, Clarke says she’s a fan of yoga, which helps with the soreness that must result from bucking on a huge green rig for hours on end. “When I started doing sports, I tried every possible exercise and diet. But I quickly realized that no method or coach could find the solution of a perfectly balanced physique apart from yourself. Today, all those who engage me, engage me with my body as it is. I do not want to change it for anyone other than me.”

Finally, she imparted an acting trick she uses to stay comfortable in front of the camera:

"Breathe. You too often hold your breath in life when you are tense or frightened, excited or under pressure. When we do not breathe calmly, we are not in the present moment, and I learned that this was the only way to be comfortable in front of the camera."

Naturally, she says it also helps to imagine her scene partner “in the toilet. A dragon in the toilet?! You can’t not burst out laughing.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

In other cast member interviews, we missed this one with John Bradley from last month. The long-time Game of Thrones cast member sat down with Wiki What? to edit his own Wikipedia page, and the one for Samwell Tarly. The results are pretty funny.

Okay, first of all, it’s a little surprising how many little things on Bradley’s Wikipedia page were wrong. I mean…it shouldn’t be, but it is. Also, it’s good to know that Bradley got into acting just so he could meet his favorite Spice Girl. Here’s hoping he gets to meet Ginger Spice eventually.

I also like hearing that he hung out mostly with girls when he was a kid — it makes him an even better fit for Sam, who preferred the company of his mother and sister to his father and brother while growing up. No wonder he got the role.

Finally, there’s the line he added to Sam’s Wikipedia page. “If you think they’re not keeping him around for a reason, you haven’t been paying attention.” This was definitely filmed before Bradley got the scripts for season 8, but still: intriguing.

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