Can we expect to see Nardole again in Doctor Who expanded media?

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 04: Matt Lucas at Doctor Who Screening(Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Recently, Matt Lucas let it slip that he might not be finished with Doctor Who. Many people thought this would mean a Nardole return, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. And does the TARDIS really need more people?

Honestly, I’m a bit let down by the fact that the decision was made to not bring Nardole back. I still believe the way things were left with the character was one of the worst ways to leave a companion. Everyone until Nardole had some kind of closure, but the character played by Matt Lucas was literally left at a cyber/solar-farm.

When news came about that Lucas may not be done with the show, I was given hope that it was possible the Thirteenth Doctor would do something. Maybe she would rescue him and he’d lead the new companions the way he led Bill. In a nice, but kick-you-in-the-arse way.

When the new companions came out, many people admittedly weren’t happy with the huge difference., I however, was more unhappy with the fact that it looks like Nardole won’t be addressed at all. Lucas is one of the few people not rumored to be coming back in the Christmas Special, so it’s a good chance Nardole won’t be making an appearance in Twice Upon a Time.


What does this mean for the character?

Despite the “won’t”s, I believe we have a chance to see Nardole, or at least hear him. I put a poll out on Twitter about the best way to see him. A spin-off, a Big Finish audio, or something else?

Now, we know that the BBC doesn’t exactly have the money for a spin-off, nor do the ratings give Doctor Who a chance. However, a Big Finish audio isn’t out of the question. I think this could be the best thing for the character. Nardole is a funny character, and we could benefit by having his adventures archived on an audiobook.

They could go back and go through his adventures with River, as Alex Kingston already does stories for Big Finish. This would give us insight as to how Nardole came into the care of River. They could also look ahead and bring Samantha Spiro back in, and see how Nardole fairs against the Cybermen and how his relationship with Hazran is fairing.

My point in all this? I don’t like unfinished things. Why else do you think I have an entire column dedicated to lost storylines!? I sincerely hope we get an ending for Nardole or at least some way to explain how he’s doing.

Do you want to see how Nardole fairs, or are you happy to have said goodbye?