Season 8 filming: Telltale pink signs pop up near Linen Mill Studios at Corbet-Banbridge


Things have been surprisingly quiet on the Game of Thrones filming front, with the production perhaps having learned some hard-won lessons about keeping things under wraps after a leaky season 7 production cycle. Nonetheless, the shoot on season 8 is moving forward, with several telltale signs popping up around Linen Mill Studios in Corbet-Banbridge, Northern Ireland, home to several key locations.

Linen Mill Studios has been used for multiple purposes over the years, including Winterfell interiors, Riverrun, and even Hodor’s death scene in “The Door.” HBO has long used those little pink “GoT” signs to mark places where filming is going to occur, which is very helpful for curious fans.

Irish Thrones has previously said that there’s activity on the Riverrun set, which was built outdoors ahead of season 6.

The Riverrun set as it looked during filming for season 6.

The twist is that, although the Riverrun set remained up during filming for season 7, it obviously didn’t show up onscreen. If there’s renewed activity, it may make a return in season 8 — there’s gotta be a reason they left it standing, right?

Elsewhere, Stephen McGuckin snapped a shot of yet more pink signage at the exterior Winterfell at Moneyglass, Northern Ireland.

Per McGuckin, temperatures are low there, so if the production times things right, maybe it can forego the need for fake snow. Winter is coming all over.

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