Season 8 filming: The Unsullied prepare for battle, and closer looks at the sets


What’s happening on the set of Game of Thrones season 8? We’ll tell you, but beware some light SPOILERS beyond this point.

First up, Watchers on the Wall has some new photos of a gigantic mystery set being constructed on the backlot in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the nerve center of the production. Check them out:

Even now, we’re not sure what the set is going to be, but we know it’s bigger than any set previously constructed for the show. The structure is enormous — a great wall with lots of detail and space for a gate, and as you can see above, there’s now an individual tower piece taking shape.

Also there’s a working trebuchet nearby:

Put all this together, and our best guess is that we’re seeing the construction of a section of King’s Landing — near one of the entrances, most likely — and that someone uninvited is knocking on the door. But who? That’s the question that’ll keep theorists up at night.

Elsewhere, at Moneyglass, the production is preparing a revamped Winterfell set, complete with actual battlements; before, the battlements and outer walls were added in with CGI. In addition, HBO is laying down white tarps all over the place, in preparation for fake snow.

What does this mean? Most likely, we’ll be seeing a battle scene here, as well — the production wouldn’t need to build actual walls and throw fake snow everywhere unless it planned to have real people marching over that fake snow and interacting with the walls.

And who will be doing the marching? The army of the dead is an obvious candidate. But Daenerys and her forces are on their way to Winterfell, too. According to sources at Watchers, extras playing Unsullied soldiers have been filming material for the past few weeks at Toome, Northern Ireland, which is just a few miles from Moneyglass. And in the biggest SPOILER to come out of this report, every Unsullied soldier was equipped with a dragonglass-tipped spear. It looks like Jon trip to Dragonstone to mine the stuff paid off!

So it looks like we’re heading for a White Walker-Unsullied clash. Pray for Grey Worm.

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