Maisie Williams posts the cutest Game of Thrones throwback picture ever, and other cast member news

What are the Game of Thrones cast members doing when not filming season 8? Let’s take a quick look, starting with an adorable trip down memory lane.

Maisie Williams’ First Day

It’s hard to believe that Maisie Williams took on the role of Arya Stark at the age of 12, but this throwback picture depicting her very first day on the Game of Thrones set, which she posted on her Instagram account yesterday, proves it!

day 1 🐸 #tb

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Too cute.

Being 20 now, Williams has grown up with Arya, now a striking young woman of Winterfell. But in this picture, she’s only 12, about to embark on what would be the role of a lifetime. Which begs the question: what were you doing when you were 12 years old?

Two Targaryens walk into a bar…

Next, the internet has caught sight of Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), always in danger from curious shutterbugs.

What happens when two Targaryens walk into a bar? They get their “drink”carys on!


Anyway, this was taken in London, so Clarke and Harington aren’t filming material for season 8 at the moment. It looks like Clarke’s hair is growing back, and she’s keeping the platinum blonde Targaryen hair.

It’s always great to see cast members hanging out outside of work, particularly these two, since they have to work together so closely.

Finally, Sophie Turner stepped out in style at a Louis Vitton event in New York City, looking like she borrowed something from Daenerys’ winter wardrobe, with her white dress and jacket.


She looks absolutely stunning, and her dress definitely screams Winter is Coming!

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