Game of Thrones was the most talked-about show on both Twitter and Facebook in 2017

When it comes to buzz, Game of Thrones has a habit of torching the competition like so many undead wights. Or Lannister soldiers. Something on fire. We already knew that Thrones was the most tweeted about television show of 2017. Now, Nielsen has complied the numbers of interactions from both Facebook and Twitter to find out who was king of social media over the past 12 months, and the results are pretty staggering.

Between the two social networks, Game of Thrones averaged 2.56 million interactions for each of its seven episodes. Put into context, the next closest show, AMC’s The Walking Dead, averaged only 870,000 interactions per episodeCheck out the full list:

  1. Game of Thrones (2,566,000 interactions per episode — 1,964,000 on Facebook and 620,000 on Twitter)
  2. The Walking Dead (870,000 interactions per episode — 738,000 on Facebook and 132,000 on Twitter)
  3. Empire (507,000 interactions per episode — 441,000 on Facebook and 67,000 on Twitter)
  4. This Is Us (486,000 interactions per episode — 447,000 on Facebook and 39,000 on Twitter)
  5. The Bachelor (453,000 interactions per episode, 286,000 on Facebook and 167,000 on Twitter)
  6. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (380,000 interactions per episode — 297,000 on Facebook and 83,000 on Twitter)
  7. Pretty Little Liars (345,000 interactions per episode — 237 on Facebook and 107 on Twitter)
  8. WWE Monday Night RAW (332,000 interactions per episode — 221,000 on Facebook and 110,000 on Twitter)
  9. The Voice (299,000 interactions per episode — 183,000 on Facebook and 117,000 on Twitter)
  10. Power (299,000 interactions per episode — 251,000 of Facebook and 47 on Twitter)

So the number of social media interactions about Game of Thrones per episode roughly equaled those of the next FIVE shows combined. That’s fine, I guess.

With its final season approaching, this kind of social media domination seems likely to continue when Thrones returns in 2019.

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