This Game of Thrones-themed ice hotel is beautiful/terrifying

The Snow Village and hotel in Kittilä, Finland is one of the more unique hotels on the planet. Every November, the proprietors bring in ice sculptors from around the world to populate the place with new creations, both decorative and practical — the chairs and bed frames are made of ice, is what I’m saying. It’s cool.

This year, Snow Village partnered with HBO Nordic to create sculptures based on Game of Thrones. The results are beautiful and, in at least one case, terrifying. Check out the bar, for example, where you’re served by a giant dragon sculpture:

Winter has come 😆 #snowvillagefinland #got7 #hbo #lapland #ylläs

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Fire breath not included for obvious reasons.

Visitors can also sit in an icy version of the Iron Throne…

…visit the Hall of Faces…

…and sleep in a bed under the watchful eye of a terrifying White Walker:

Name one reason you wouldn’t want to sleep in that bed. I can’t think of one. Also, is he wearing a tank top?

Here’s a collage of many of the sights and sounds of the hotel.

Best get there before they pick a new theme come November. You can book your stay here, should you be so inclined. It’s also open to the public if you just want to tour the place.

Here’s a quick video tour of the interior:

Hopping from Finland to neighboring Sweden, the city of Västerås created an homage to Game of Thrones opening credits, with local landmarks replacing the cities of Westeros. It was projected onto city hall to ring in the new year. Watch it here.

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h/t Keleva, The Local