Game of Thrones will return to Dubrovnik to film season 8

Game of Thrones is returning to its old stomping grounds for one last go-round. According to The Dubrovnik Times, the production will visit the Croatian city of Dubrovnik in February to film scenes for season 8.

Dubrovnik has stood in for King’s Landing since season 2, and the show has returned there every year thereafter, although the bulk of work shifted elsewhere following season 5. Still, of all the cities on the planet, Dubrovnik is the one most closely associated with King’s Landing, so it’s appropriate that they’re returning for the final episodes. The creators of the show were spotted in Dubrovnik this past November, alongside location scouters.

Beware minor SPOILERS below.

The Times reports that the Dubrovnik shoot will include “many of the main stars,” including a rumored appearance by Kit Harington (Jon Snow). If true, that would mean that Jon returns to the city at some point in season 8. Interesting.

HBO is also constructing a huge portion of King’s Landing at Titanic Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland, so the city is set to play a big role going forward. We imagine that Dubrovnik will serve for background scenes, while HBO uses the controlled set in Belfast for more elaborate sequences.

We saw winter come to King’s Landing in the closing moments of the season 7 finale. It’ll still be winter in Dubrovnik when the cameras roll, so expect that to continue.

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