See the real-life version of the Wall, and more high-minded esoterica

Image: Game of Thrones/HBO
Image: Game of Thrones/HBO /

Built to keep the fearsome White Walkers from terrorizing Westeros, the Wall is one of the most iconic structures on Game of Thrones. Made of solid ice, it stands at 720 feet high and runs 300 miles across the northern stretches of the continent. It has no equal, in Martin’s world or ours.

But there is a giant snowy rock formation in Russia that’s kind of reminiscent of it. Per Sputnik International, fans have lately been comparing the Wall to a 300-meter high mountain wall located in the Lena Pillars Nature Park in Yakutia, Russia. See for yourself:

Apparently, local authorities have even reached out to HBO in the hopes that it will shoot parts of the final season of Game of Thrones in the area, although it may a little late for that, striking as the site is:

Sticking with the natural sciences theme, a recent article published in the science journal ZooKeys announces the discovery of several new kinds of spiders. One of them is named Ochyrocera varys, in honor Varys the Spider on Game of Thrones. Varys, as you’ve never seen him before:

Varys does wear a lot of yellow…

A few of the other spiders were named Ochyrocera aragogue, Ochyrocera charlotte and Ochyrocera ungoliant. See if you can spot those references.

Next: Are you looking to expand your knowledge of world languages both real and fictional? Then you amy be interested in this Dothraki translator app from Hazem Tabbaa. Simply type your English words into the translator and watch it spit out the English translation. For example: “Vojjor, rekke nem sekke qeshah jinne” means “God, there is so much sand here.” Go on and take that to the bank.

At the low low price of free, the translator is a bargain. Have at it.

Finally, if you want to test your Game of Thrones knowledge, Joe has a challenge for you. Can you name all nine regions of Westeros in four minutes? Prove it.

Enjoy your weekend, and keep using that brain for Game of Thrones trivia.

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