Lena Headey debuts Cersei’s new outfit, films season 8 scenes with a major character


Just lately, the Game of Thrones production has been hard at work filming scenes for season 8 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which has long stood in for King’s Landing. Each new day on set has brought photos and no small number of SPOILERS. Today, the fun continues, thanks to photos in The Dubrovnik Times and DubrovnikNet.

Yesterday, the crew filmed material at Minčeta Tower, one of many forts along the city walls. Today, it shot scenes at Bokar Fortress. The Lannister flag flew above the fortress, indicating that Cersei Lannister is still in control of King’s Landing:

Zoom out a little, and we can see the queen herself through a window, sporting a new outfit:

Here’s a close-up:

"The Empress’s New Clothes from freefolk"

Ever since talking the throne at the end of season 6, Cersei has grown fond of stylish black supervillain gowns. This is perhaps her biggest statement piece yet. With the black-on-black patterning and the serrated metal shoulder pads, she is ready for battle. She’s also inserted a few gold accents after spending all of season 7 in pitch-black get-ups.

The outfit almost looks science fiction-inspired. Costume designer Michele Clapton is having the time of her life and we’re reaping the benefits. Also worth noting is that, at least in the shots we can see, Cersei isn’t wearing her crown.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane) was also on site, which isn’t surprising. Cersei rarely goes anywhere without her hulking bodyguard.

And here’s a shot of the members of Cersei’s Kingsguard, who are still wearing their black-and-silver outfits introduced in season 7:

All this is pretty expected. Now let’s get into SPOILERS.

We have a good idea of who was on set for this shoot — these photographers made great use of that little window. Below, you can see showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss as well as director David Nutter, the guy behind “The Rains of Castamere” and “The Dance of Dragons.”

"David Nutter is there too. from freefolk"

Below, Weiss directs Headey before a scene:

David Nutter is directing Episodes 1, 2 and 4 of season 8. We’re guessing this scene goes down in Episode 4. Why? Because there was someone else on set:

"Kit and Lena filming together from freefolk"

Yep, that is Kit Harington (Jon Snow), making a visit to the capitol while it’s still in Cersei’s control. We saw him walking through the city yesterday. Now we see his destination.

Below, we can see both Harington and Headey in the same shot.

"Why are they filming right in front of a window? Speculation time: I´m thinking on dragons from freefolk"

Jon and Cersei have never had a one-on-one conversation, but there’s a first time for everything. Why are the two meeting? Discuss!

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