EXCLUSIVE: David Tennant plays evil in trailer for movie Bad Samaritan

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Recently, we talked about how Matt Smith was going far out of the way of being pigeon-holed as “the Doctor”. It looks like David Tennant is doing the same in a movie coming out later this month.

At first look, Bad Samaritan’s plot looks familiar. A couple of teenage boys making mistakes but generally trying to make a few bucks by robbing rich men. A young boy (Robert Sheehan) works as a valet and takes rich men’s cars at a restaurant. It seems like a story that’s been told before until the story changes dramatically. David Tennant’s character steps in. And he’s not there to teach them right from wrong with a blue sonic screwdriver.

At first, in the trailer, he comes off as the exact person to rob. He drives a Maserati and doesn’t care about the people who are serving him. He sneers at Sheehan’s character as he walks in, and so Sheehan takes the car back to Tennant’s character’s house. However, when he goes back, things go…unexpected. Inside Tennant’s house, there is a girl being held captive. Now Sheehan’s character is stuck between doing right from wrong.

Does he save the girl and risk going to prison and the wrath of Tennant’s character? Or ignore it? He leaves the house to make a phone call to the police so they can’t tell he was at the house, but now Tennant’s character knows something’s wrong. The police officers don’t find anything, but Tennant’s character is ready to find them. He begins tracking them, trying to seek revenge on them. Nowhere is safe for the characters who are still trying to save the woman in the apartment.

This is definitely scarier than any Weeping Angels episode of Doctor Who. The movie comes out in American theatres March 30.

David Tennant’s acting ability

Even though there are only a few seconds of David Tennant in the above trailer, it’s amazing to see just how fantastic of an actor David Tennant is. Everyone in this movie looks top-notch and ready to deliver an award-worthy appearance, but Tennant is something else entirely. His voice, his stare, his facial expressions all show just how well he can play any character. Is truly anything out of his reach?

I don’t think this nameless ruthless being will be anything of a stretch for Tennant’s acting abilities.