Esoterica: A Game of Thrones-themed wedding, an adorable cosplay story, and much more


Let’s have a look at some of the more interesting Game of Thrones-related odds and ends from across the internet. When it comes to passion and love for a show, Thrones fans have few equals. Case in point, Redditor lordandladylefebvre put together an extensive photo album of her wedding, and as you might have guessed, there is a certain theme throughout.

"[MAIN SPOILERS] Our Game of Thrones Themed Wedding from gameofthrones"

I’ve seen several Game of Thrones-themed weddings in my time, and I can honestly say, this is by far the most detailed and exquisite one of them all. I’m particularly fond of the cut out of Tyrion Lannister holding a crossbow that was placed in each bathroom.

Next, we have a great little story from IGN’s Hero Makeover on Facebook. It has to do with a father and son bonding through Sandor “The Hound” Clegane cosplay. Try not to cry.

David Baxter is a very tall man. When you’re that tall, there are only so many characters you can authentically cosplay as. Although, I feel like there was a real missed opportunity for David’s son Max to go as Arya Stark. Still, the two roamed the convention floor like The Hound and Arya roamed the Riverlands, eating every f**king chicken there and delighting attendees with their fantastic look, and that’s a very cool thing.

Onward and upward we go. recently published an infographic of baby names that have been inspired by the cast and characters from Game of Thrones.

Baby Names Inspired by Game of Thrones
Baby Names Inspired by Game of Thrones /

Why would anyone want to name their child Khaleesi? That is not okay, people. Alternatively, if you named your baby Daenerys, then you have doomed them to a life of having to constantly correct everyone on how to spell their name. That, and they unwittingly meet, fall in love with, and marry their nephew…probably.

Moving on, doctors at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, used Joffrey’s death on Game of Thrones on a medical case of how to treat poisoning in real life. Yes, this is an actual thing.

As the Edmonton Journal reports, third-year medical student Will Wu and emergency doctors Dr. Emily Austin and Dr. Steve Lin took on a medical project and used Joff’s murder at his own wedding as the example. Apparently, the poison used to kill the brat king — The Strangler — shares many characteristics of toxins known to doctors in real life, and the first step to overcoming such an attack would be to treat the victim’s cardiac arrest, then go at the toxins if he can be stabilized.

"We think the toxin caused him to go into a seizure and then into cardiac arrest, where the heart stops. But in general, any type of cardiac arrest associated with a poison, you can apply certain treatments and really nothing was done for this poor guy, although he’s a horrible character. Had something been done, he may have stood a chance to be resuscitated."

Actually, the correct answer is to always let Joffrey die. I kid. Next up, the latest fashion trend from Gucci is…dragons.

According to Time, this look is from designer Alessandro Michele and was part of a Game of Thrones-themed fashion show in Milan, Italy. Along with the baby dragon accessories, models also carried replica’s of their own heads around, which seemed to be a callback to the Hall of Faces from the House of Black and White.

Finally, a new Kickstarter campaign has been started to create an “interactive and immersive reading experience in App format.” Watch the video and be amazed.

Honestly, I need this app in my life and I need it right now. Unfortunately, creators iClassics Productions have set a nearly unreachable goal for this project to come to life. With only 10 days remaining, the team has raised a mere $353 of their gargantuan $246,031 goal.

iClassics is hoping to “provide an artistic interpretation of the Game of Thrones from the perspective of individual characters released on a serial basis,” with the first character being Jon Snow. If you wish to contribute, click here.

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