Season 8 filming at Winterfell coming to an end?


(This post contains minor SPOILERS for Game of Thrones season 8)

The Winterfell set in Moneyglass, Northern Ireland has been a hive of activity of late. Since January, there has been extensive nighttime filming, and shutterbugs have kept spoiler hounds happy with a stream of photos and videos.

A source near the set tells us that filming continues, with smoke and lights still visible from the castle at night. All in all, shooting at this location has gone on for longer than we thought it would. However, per local outlet Irish Thrones, it may finally be coming to an end after next week.

If Vladimir Furdik (the Night King), Rory McCann (the Hound) and Kit Harington are all in the area, it further supports the contention that a battle sequence will go down at Winterfell, which isn’t a particularly daring conclusion given that it’s right in the Night King’s path. There have been reports that a large battle took place there, still, don’t believe anything for sure without pictures.

As for filming shifting to Magheramorne Quarry, the production is certainly ready. HBO has used the Quarry to stage all kinds of sequences in the past — the Battle of Blackwater, the Massacre at Hardhome, pretty much every scene at Castle Black — but what’s drawing out attention is this enormous green screen, bigger than any we’ve ever seen.

Source: @GoTlike Location
Source: @GoTlike Location /

What’s the gigantic green screen for? We have some thoughts. Let’s go into the weekend wondering. As for the Winterfell set, we will try to let go of it in our hearts. Hopefully HBO leaves part of it standing for a while so fans can get a last look, up close and personal.

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