Game of Thrones meets Infinity War in this fan-made trailer for season 8

Avengers: Infinity Wars is one of the most anticipated films of 2018. In the film, Earth’s mightiest heroes will band together to take on Thanos, an alien overlord who plans to collect the six infinity stones so that he can warp reality to his will. Here’s the first, incredibly popular trailer for the movie, released back in November:

Exciting stuff, so exciting that YouTuber VG934 took some choice highlights from Game of Thrones season 7 in the style of the Infinity War Trailer, pumped up the soundtrack, added some special effects, and voila: we have our first fan-made trailer for season 8.

This hits just about every note perfectly. The only thing missing is Cersei telling someone to evacuate the city, engage the defenses, and commanding someone to “get this man a shield” as she points to the Mountain. The shared voiceover in the beginning meshes particularly well with the start of the Avengers trailer. Ditto the shot of the Wakandan heroes charging at Thanos’ forces juxtaposed with Jon Snow’s group fleeing from wights in “Beyond the Wall.” And kudos for adding in falling snow to many of the scenes!

As for matching up character sets, Jon Snow could be the Winter Soldier, for obvious reasons. Ser Jorah is Captain America, because he’s old. Gendry is Thor because of the hammer, Arya is Black Widow because she’s a badass assassin, and the Mountain is the Hulk because he’s big, dumb and strong. I could go on.

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