Season 8 filming: See yet more new shots of the King’s Landing set in all its glorious sprawl


Another day, another batch of photos from the sprawling King’s Landing set going up on a lot at Titanic Studios in Belfast. I suppose when a set is this big, there’s no keeping people from taking pictures.

The new images come courtesy of The Sun. Some are new angles on stuff we’ve already seen, like this head-on shot of the front gate, with stout (faux) stone towers to either side and a white stone tower visible in the background.

As we’ve reported before, the reddish gate is pretty new. We imagine it’ll be painted to match the rest of the set before long. The gate was installed over an artfully rendered breach in the wall, so once they’re done filming this part of the set with the gate intact, it’ll probably be removed so they film the wall in ruins. What gets the wall from point A to point B? That’s the question.

The Sun also has a few wide-angle shots of the set, allowing us to see how enormous it really is.

The Sun notes that there are now panels in place for directors to add CGI in post-production. At £1million, it’s the most expensive set ever built in Northern Ireland.

Let’s pull back further. You can see just how large the set is compared to the other buildings in the Titanic Quarter.

Even further out:

Now compare what the set looks like now to what it looked like in January:

Photo: A Red Priestess
Photo: A Red Priestess /

It’s barely recognizable, and the crew still isn’t quite done. Almost, though.

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