Game of Thrones March Madness, Round 1: Vote for your favorite character!

Game of Thrones March Madness is upon us! For the next month, we’re going to track the biggest tournament in the NCAA with our own tournament here at Winter is Coming. Only instead of basketball teams, we’ll have Game of Thrones characters. And instead of buckets of gatorade dumped on coaches, we’ll have pails of tears upended on top of fans’ heads.

All in good fun, of course.

Anyway, the rules are simple. We’ve chosen 64 Game of Thrones characters to fill out our bracket, with two of them going up against each other at a time. The full bracket looks like this (click to embiggen):

All you have to do is vote for your favorites! There’s no criteria other than that. This is not a “who would win in a fight” fight, unless you want it to be. Go with your heart.

Voting for the first round runs from March 11 through March 16, this upcoming Friday. And with that, the polls are open!

Remember: voting on this round will stay open until Friday, March 16, so get your answers in while you can! The rest of the tournament looks like this:

  • Second Round (32 characters): March 17-18th
  • Regional Semis (16 characters): March 19th-23rd
  • Regional Finals (8 characters): March 24-25th
  • National Semis (4 characters): March 26th-31st
  • Nation Finals (2 characters): April 1st-April 2nd

Happy voting!

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