Check out this translucent variant on Dark Horse’s Night King figurine


When we last saw the Night King, he was flying Viserion through a breach in the Wall, his undead army right behind him. It’ll be a year and change before we find out what the little bugger will do next, but thanks to Dark Horse, we can now keep the Night King close always. The company has released a translucent variant its popular Night King figurine, and it is pretty:

The Game of Thrones translucent Night King figurine is being sold exclusive at ThinkGeek and GameStop. It’s an officially licensed HBO collectible and can be yours for the low price of $29.99.

Other specs: the figure stands on an integrated base, is 8” tall, and weighs 5 oz. He’s small but deadly. This is basically what I imagine the Night King would look like as a tiny ghost.

While this version of the Night King may not lead an army of the undead through a breach in your living room, he will definitely be the envy of your friends, assuming your friends are heavily into Game of Thrones memorabilia and don’t shun you for making them look at your stockpile. If you’d like to add the translucent Night King to your collection, click here!

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