Kit Harington says he won’t star in any Game of Thrones spinoffs, because duh


Kit Harington (Jon Snow) has plans for what he wants to do after Game of Thrones is over. He wants to be in a boxing movie, for example, before he gets too old, but be will not be appearing in any of the multiple Game of Thrones spinoff shows HBO is planning. “I think there’s going to be spinoffs,” he said in the March issue of Italian GQ, “but I’m not going to be involved in any of it.”

Still, he wishes the network the best, and sees an upside to the fact that none of the current cast members will appear on the new shows, all of which are planned as prequels to the main story. “The great thing about ‘Thrones’ for HBO is that you can sell it in a totally different way,” he said. “You could set it 300 years earlier and save a load of money because we [the cast] are very expensive now.”

At the moment, Harington, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), Lena Headey (Cersei) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie) all make between $500k and $1.1 million per episode, so he could have a point.

Harington also remembered the heady early days before he commanded that kind of paycheck, and revealed the clincher that made him accept the role of Jon Snow in the first place, despite not fully understanding the show at first:

"It was HBO, and that’s all that really mattered to me. It was, and is, a staple of quality. But the script? I didn’t really understand it. I read it twice and thought, This is the most bizarre thing ever. I don’t quite get why they’re doing it, but I’m in. I do remember reading my role and thinking, This is in my locker – I can do this. Grumpy. Quiet. Solid. That’s fine. I can do that."

Yes, we think he’s nailed the grumpy quiet solid act by now.

Harington named season 2 as the most significant year for him, since that was when “we realized it was a show that was successful, we were suddenly in this incredible location – and I was with the girl that I fell in love with.”

That girl would be Rose Leslie (Ygritte), to whom Harington is now engaged.

As for life after the credits roll on season 8 of Game of Thrones, the door is wide open.

"I freaked out. That’s ending, what am I going to do now? And then I suddenly realized that next year I can do two films and a play. Or I could do another show which I’ve never been able to do since being on ‘Thrones’. And… I could take two months off and spend them with Rose! We can go off somewhere! I suddenly got really excited about it."

We look forward to the Rocky reboot starring Kit Harington.

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