Kit Harington wishes Steph Curry a happy birthday, shows off his season 8 costume


NBA star Steph Curry turned 30 yesterday, and a bevy of actors, athletes, and other famous people sent him video messages. Among them was Kit Harington (Jon Snow) — he’s the first one featured in the video montage put together by the Golden State Warriors, actually — who sent his message from the set of Game of Thrones season 8, giving us a good look at what Jon Snow will be wearing next year.

And here’s Harington’s part by itself:

So in season 8, Jon Snow will wear a grayish-brownish tunic. Sounds about right. Although we can’t be sure, this looks like the same tunic he was wearing under his armor throughout season 7:

This would make sense, as season 8 will probably pick up shortly after the end of season 7. There’s not a lot of time to change.

Not that Jon’s outfits have changed a whole lot over the years. He’s mostly stuck to browns and blacks and grays, whether he was at Winterfell in season 1…

in various shades of black during his time with the Night’s Watch…

…decked out in traveling furs for ill-advised trips beyond the Wall…

…or representing the North at important gatherings:

And he looks more or less the same on the set of season 8:

"Lit Harrington as Aejon from freefolk"

So it looks like Jon Snow’s fashion journey will end pretty much as it began. Never change, Jon.

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