Season 8 filming: Game of Thrones adds new structure to the King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios


The King’s Landing set in Belfast is already the biggest, most elaborate set HBO has ever built for Game of Thrones. It’s got a gate with guard towers, a street with buildings on either side, a white tower, and now a new structure. Read on for pics of the latest addition.

The new images come courtesy of Twitter’s A Red Priestess, who’s consistently been on top of this stuff.

Looking closer, you can see that a dome has been added to the skyline:

Image: A Red Priestess
Image: A Red Priestess /

Another image:

Image: A Red Priestess
Image: A Red Priestess /

We don’t see a lot of domes on Game of Thrones –that’s pretty advanced for Westeros, architecturally speaking. But the Great Sept of Baelor had one, before Cersei blew it up.

Could this new dome be for a smaller sept? The faithful of King’s Landing still need somewhere to worship, although you have to think that services are a little more nerve-wracking since the incident in “The Winds of Winter.”

Another recent addition to the King’s Landing set is the framework on which the crew will put a giant green screen. We’ve already seen the front of that structure…

…and now A Red Priestess also snapped an image of the back:

Image: A Red Priestess
Image: A Red Priestess /

You can also see the King’s Landing gate, still under construction, in the background. This set will not quit. What do you guys think of the new structures?

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