Today in incredibly thin filming news, Jaime Lannister will have a beard in season 8


Here at Winter is Coming, we try to bring you as much Game of Thrones news as possible, no matter how slight. That said, there are times when even we wonder if something is too thin to be worth reporting. Then we report it anyway. This is one of those times.

Today’s news? Jaime Lannister will have a beard in Game of Thrones season 8. This earth-shattering revelation comes via Short List, which asked Nikolaj Coster-Waldau directly about his “beard situ.”

"I’m shooting the last season of Thrones. Generally speaking, I’m not crazy-hairy, but I have a full beard. Call me Hairy Styles."

Jaime Lannister has experimented with various levels of facial hair during the series. In season 7, he sported a layer of scruff that was almost more five o’clock shadow than beard. Call it an eight o’clock shadow:

The last time Jaime had a “full beard” was when he was traveling with Brienne in season 3 and didn’t have ready access to a razor. Also he’d just lost his hand. It was a rough time for him.

Last we saw Jaime, he was on his way north in defiance of his sister. Will he grow a traveler’s beard once again? With Cersei on the warpath, it wouldn’t hurt to make himself look a little less like himself, after all.

UPDATE: Ladies and gentlemen, the beard has been spotted:


Coster-Waldau also weighed in on Jaime’s drastic haircut in season 4, when he went from having long locks to a short, efficient mop top. “He was due a haircut. Especially after spending two seasons dragged through the mud. There was a big change in the character, so a haircut is a way to signal that.”

For more, head to Short List. The whole thing is worth reading if for no other reason than because Coster-Waldau keeps interrupting the interview to deal with his home life.

In other slight filming news, Emilia Clarke is…still filming Game of Thrones. How do we know? Because she was too busy to do press for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, and her cast and crewmates missed her:

"I’m guessing this means Emilia’s too busy filming GOT currently to do promotion for her movie from freefolk"

So there you have it: Daenerys will be in season 8. You can only get that kind of news here, folks.

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