Season 8 filming: HBO prepares a return to the ruins of Italica (the Dragonpit)


Last year, HBO filmed scenes for season 7 at a ruined Roman amphitheater in the ancient Spanish city of Italica. The result was the meeting at the Dragonpit, which featured the largest gathering of characters at any point in the show’s history.

Then, not ago, it was confirmed that HBO would return to Italica — and to the Dragonpit — again for season 8, although we don’t know what kind of scene we’re in for this time. However, Europa Press has more details on when the production will be shooting:

  • Starting today and running through May 2, the ruins will be partially closed down to visitors, allowing HBO time to rebuild the set. Like last year, the crew will construct scaffolding to hold up a platform, the same platform where our characters gathered to talk in “The Dragon and the Wolf.”
  • Between May 3 and May 18, the whole site will be closed. This is probably when filming will go down — we’ll be on the looking out for which cast members arriving in the area.
  • Between May 19 and 27, only the Roman amphitheater will be closed off. Tourists can visit the rest of the city.

Will the Dragonpit again serve as a meeting place, or will it be turned on its ear? And HBO, if you film an action scene here, mind not to blow anything up. It is a historical site, after all.

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