Season 8 filming: A massive trebuchet takes center stage at Magheramorne Quarry


For the past few weeks, the eyes of every Game of Thrones fan have been on Magheramorne Quarry in Northern Ireland, where the production has been filming all manner of interesting things with all manner of interesting people in front of a giant green screen. Check it:

Image: Oakleaf Photography
Image: Oakleaf Photography /

The crew took a few days off for the Easter holiday, but they’ve now returned for another round. And when the cameras roll again, siege engines may take center stage. The last couple of images from the area show a trebuchet nearly as tall as the green screen itself in a prominent position:

You can see a trebuchet in a resting position in the first photo in this post, from Oakleaf Photography. Now we see it fully extended. It’s enormous. Later, Davy Orr took a video of it in action, and by “in action,” I mean it remained stationary while people milled about during yet another night shoot.

Note that the projectile in the trebuchet is on fire.

Bringing a siege weapon to bear fits the narrative we’ve watched develop over the past month or so. This set has played host to numerous armies, from the Unsullied to the Dothraki to the Northerners to the dead. No, the living probably aren’t besieging any fortress with this thing, but If they want to hurl flaming shells at the White Walkers as they approach on Winterfell or wherever, more power to them.

Elsewhere, while filming has finished at the Winterfell set in Moneyglass, the inactivity has allowed fans to get close and take excellent photographs, including plenty of the main castle. Twitter’s own GoTlike Locations snapped a few shots of castle-adjacent structures:

Image: GoTlike Locations
Image: GoTlike Locations /
Image: GoTlike Locations
Image: GoTlike Locations /

I hope they leave this set up so tourists can visit.

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